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Is fun & challenging to play. I play @ least daily, but I can't play just one game! It's addicting!

Pretty cool!

This game is pretty cool. I would like it better if it had more levels, but I just go back and do them over and over. I still find some of the higher levels to be challenging no matter how many times I play them. Dragging the eggs to the basket take a steady hand and concentration or they crack. There are two help screens that are not very helpful, especially when trying to find the golden egg. Also, once you have the golden egg, nothing special happens. I guess you just have to like this game for what it will either like it or despise it...

Really Fun!

Fun for the family!

So much Fun!

So much fun!

It's alright........

The only bad thing is the person reeeeealy needs a dictionary that wrote this. Other than that, it's really fun!!!

Addicting fun app!

Really fun app! Competing for high score against the clock is our favorite!

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